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Why selling is like dating


The way we date has changed over the years, but there’s still a process for developing a relationship with someone. You can’t just skip to the end – the proposal.

It’s no different with sales.

“In previous years on the KBB Fair in Birmingham, we would stand in the aisle to attract our prospects to visit our booth. Now they came to us. This made the fair a fun and relaxed event.

In the end we had double the number of HOT-leads than the objective of standard leads.

This way I won’t mind having a fair every month!

This also means we started working with LinkLeaders in our other countries.”

Marcel Crezee

Director of Expansions for the UK & Europe, MHK Group

Selling is like dating

Sales is so similar to dating that it is hard to believe that the two don’t get compared to each other more often.

It starts with the chase, followed by a few dates, leading up to a marriage. It’s about getting to know one another and building trust – neither of which happens overnight.

It’s easier when you know if your prospect is really into you before investing your time in them.

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